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Java – Convert InputStream to String

Java – Generate Random alpha-numeric String

The code below show you how to use the apache commons RandomStringUtils class to generate some random string data.


random = 2377316738997278218735578855577798247976319451877477254850564896
random = wwqbLxlRynIdptAoxuSIfbABRoOFHLyKaFEscrUoBQjAHPOkcIqfHuMnhXVzaLCf
random = 6nQ0PJf<#VgIi=’&d*Ru#i_exMoHXb
random = ZGbelXYEiLrlLBXKroCIDJPrevZPIGkD

Java – Use String in Switch Statement

Starting from Java 7 release you can now use a string in the switch statement. On the previous version we can only use number or enum in the switch statement. The code below give you a simple example on it.